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【博門教育】PORTMAN Education


PORTMAN College is a private business college located in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia. The college was first established in 1997 as Institute Rangkaian Komputer (Computer Network Institute) registered as a private institution of higher learning with the Ministry of Education Malaysia. In 2002, the college was renamed PORTMAN College after establishing a partnership with the PORTMAN International College, Singapore which has since ceased business operations. 
2012 was a historic year for PORTMAN College when it was acquired by Ernie Chen, the founder and Group CEO of the ATCEN Education Group of Companies leading and driving the exponential growth of PORTMAN College from an unknown college to a well reputed business college that specialises in Business Education that is committed to its mission and core purpose that is beyond education in making a difference to make lives better.  


For the last 14 years, the ATCEN Education Group’s corporate & continuing education business has taken on the mantle of developing the nation’s corporate professionals and talents into highly competitive and resilient human capital, contributing towards the development of Malaysia’s economic growth and prosperity. From its humble beginnings to its rise into one of the largest people development company in Asia and a global brand name, ATCEN Education Group has scaled greater heights, constantly expanding its developmental horizons to stay abreast with the times.
ATCEN started out in 2003 from Ernie’s apartment in Petaling Jaya, offering corporate training and business consulting services. Since then, it has expanded to include The ATCEN Education Group (ATCEN Sdn Bhd, ATCEN Communications Sdn Bhd, Training Touch Sdn Bhd, PORTMAN College Sdn Bhd, PORTMAN Academy Sdn Bhd, outLOUD Studios Sdn Bhd, & Nota Technology Sdn Bhd).



ATCEN has continuously provided excellent services for its corporate clients in terms of diverse people development program options, relevant content and training methods, ongoing partnerships with leading businesses worldwide, strong industry linkages, up-to-date facilities and well-equipped learning centres.
In 2006, ATCEN was officially granted Class “A” status training provider from the Ministry of Human Resources (Human Resources Development Fund) to serve and help build the country’s human capital. In 2010, ATCEN was honoured with the Brand Excellence Award at the Asia Pacific Awards Ceremony. This is a prestigious award with industry recognition of industry excellence for the recipients. The award is certainly a feather in the cap for ATCEN and reinforced its already strong presence in the education industry. ATCEN currently boasts as the leading people development company in Malaysia as well as one of the largest and most established in Asia In support to the nation’s goal of becoming a regional hub for education excellence.
Another significant milestone for the ATCEN Education Group was when it acquired a private college, PORTMAN College that was established since 1997. Since then, the college has gone through a significant rebranding and repositioning exercise to become the business education specialist with its mission to make a difference by making lives better through education.
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