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CEO’s Message

Welcome to PORTMAN College, the specialist in Business Education.
Over the years, we have been sincerely committed towards preserving the PORTMAN tradition and culture, where values, togetherness and unity are utmost important in the strategic growth of our organization. PORTMAN College is culturally diverse, yet professionally undivided. Our unique culture, synergy and dynamic employee value proposition have and will always continue to be our formula of success.
A highly vibrant college committed to its’ core purpose of `Beyond Education: Making a Difference by Making Lives Better’, we take great pride in ensuring that all our students are given excellent education.
Education is beyond textbook and classroom teaching and learning. With this in mind, we are committed to educate and develop our students professionally, emotionally and intellectually, thus ensuring that every student is equipped with the personal and professional attributes required to be successful in life.
Our academicians are reverent to our culture and our stakeholders; driving formidably towards academic excellence, intellectual autonomy, innovation and ethical responsibility. Our programmes are uniquely delivered and are industry driven; promising all our students a wide spectrum of career opportunities. The high-quality teaching and learning, personalized attention and out-of-classroom intellectual discussion and engagement promise all parents and students a memorable, pleasant and valuable education and experience.
Education is the way forward in bringing a difference in the lives of all of us especially the younger generation who will be the future leaders and the key drivers of the economy. We are proud and honoured to be the catalyst in transforming the community into  business leaders with the competence and character to take on the emerging business and social challenges worldwide.
Join us and be a part of us at PORTMAN and build your way towards excellence.


Pragash Ari Ragavan
Chief Executive
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