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Executive Masterclass in Business Management

Workshop Description
Competition is no longer national, it is global and the lines of industries are blurring with technology and liberalization. In every functional area of any organization, the “rules of the game” are changing, resulting in the need for continuous learning and adaptation for managers.
This Masterclass on Strategy, Branding and Finance is designed to look into the issues and challenges faced by today’s corporate organization. It is designed to stretch and provide you the knowledge and confidence to lead, decide and manage in a fast moving and complex business environment.


Workshop Objectives
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of core management functions and how they are intertwined.
  • Receive a toolkit of insights, skills and best practices for immediate insights on the company situation.
  • Apply the concepts, tools and analytical techniques that are essential to building and sustaining a successful company.
  • Understand strategically what is next and implement plans to get there.
  • Sharpen financial literacy to make quality management financial decisions.
  • Understand the power of branding to raise awareness and create value of the organization


Who Should Attend?
  • Business Owners
  • Senior Management
  • Managers


  • Based primarily around lectures, the course will include a number of case studies which will be undertaken in team format.
  • Discussion groups on certain topics to provide practical application of concepts to the attendees own organization.
  • Numerous practical activities and exercises are incorporated into the program.
  • Expect continuous Real Time Feedback from Facilitator


Workshop Investment
Workshop Investment – RM 5,800 per participant (NOT Inclusive of 6% GST)
** This training is PSMB claimable subject to PSMB approval

Tentative Workshop


Day 1


A) What is your Strategy?
B) Defining your organization situation with the Organization Model Canvass.
C) The Alignment of current Model to Corporate Vision & Mission
D) Strategy Derivation using:

• PESTEL Approach to view the Environment.
• Using the smart SWOT to identify areas of business focus.
• Conceptual model for strategy Identification using the Ansoff Matrix. Determining what is suitable for your next step.
• The creation and selection process to determine the various strategy alternatives

Exercise on Organization Model Canvass and Strategic Derivation.



Day 2


A) Financial Accounting

• Financial statements: Income statement, balance sheet, retained earnings statement, cash flow statements.
• Financial statements: Liquidity, Leverage, and Profitability and Non-Financial Indicators

B) Management Accounting

• Fixed, variable, and semi-variable costs.
• Break-even analysis and contribution margins.
• Types of capital expenditure decisions

Exercise on Financial Statements Ratio



Day 3


• The Marketing Ps and the Power of Branding.
• Buyer Behaviour and Market Needs.
• The Marketing Mix and Application: Positioning, product/service, price, place/distribution channels, promotion
• The 10 Differentiation Strategies and their Effective Usage.
• Guide to Effective Brand Positioning

Exercise on Commoditization and Product innovation


Ernie Chen

Ernie serves as the Founder/Group CEO of ATCEN Education Group and the President of PORTMAN College. Ernie has a MA in Communication, BA in Mass Communication and BA in Theatre. He has more than 20 years of experience working with outsourcing, mass communication, people development, entertainment, education and training industries.

Ernie is an International Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur. He is better known as Asia’s No.1 Business Coach by his peers, colleagues, customers, partners, friends and students for his enthusiasm in building people, brands, businesses and one of the most powerful and dynamic speakers from Asia. Ernie is an expert, well-known persuasive communication, sales & service strategist and practitioner. He is also a world travelled speaker with a proven track at national and international conferences. In the last 10 years, he has inspired motivated and trained thousands of people to reach personal and professional fulfillment and career transformation.

He is also renowned as a local Film Director and Producer for Box Office Film. In the area of branding and marketing, Ernie has worked with many MNCs and other 20 start-up companies with MSC status.

Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee is a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA), Chartered Accountant (Malaysia) and holds a MSc. In Engineering Business Management from Warwick University. He is also a Certified Personality Profiler and a Certified Trainer. Jeremy has been involved in the training and knowledge management environment for many years. He started his learning and development journey as a Training Manager and later became the Knowledge Manager for a listed Malaysia company. Today he serves as the Principal Consultant for ATCEN and the Group CFO for the ATCEN Group.

As a Knowledge Management practitioner, he has successfully implemented long term cultural change in organizations and has re-engineered company processes to ensure higher effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.
In the area of Training Management, he is familiar with the entire training administration process from Training Needs Analysis to Learning Evaluation. He is also highly familiar with designing adult learning workshop content and facilitating them.

Jeremy has lead Multinationals, Large Local Companies and Government Linked organizations to achieve performance optimization by conducting audits, internal controls audits and investigations of their operations. At a strategic level, Jeremy consults organizations in their strategic positioning of their operations to ensure that optimum value is gain by the organization. He is also experienced in coaching and mentoring many types of people under various circumstances. He has led many of these individuals to gain fantastic performance results at work and in their life. As a coach he has been said to be a great listener, focused and adaptable in his approach to get the best out from individuals.

Serving as a Trainer and Consultant for numerous companies, he has conducted and facilitated thousands of individuals in the areas of customer service, leadership skills, sales, negotiation skills, communication skills and coaching skill. He has facilitated workshops in China, Indonesia, Singapore, USA and Malaysia. He is able to managed people from different backgrounds and levels.

Certificate is awarded by Western Kentucky University (USA)

Certification awarded is dependent on the following;

Class Attendance: 100%

Assignment: Pre-Work – All participants are expected to complete a preworkshop questionnaire prior to attending the programs

Post-Work Assignment – There will be an assignment that is related to the participant respective company that needs to be handed in 10 working days after the workshop. The Assignment must be completed for the WKU Certificate to be awarded.

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