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Executive Masterclass In Marketing Brand Management


In today’s competitive global environment where organizations compete on a single market platform, it is crucial to differentiate our organization from the rest. Many assumed that by creating and developing better quality products, and having more technology or better production processes, are sufficient to win market share. However, there’s more to it.
This Masterclass focuses on how to differentiate your products and organization, by providing you specific strategies that you can apply to distinctly differentiate your organization from the rest.



Execute effective strategies to develop a differentiated brand to compete globally.
• Understand the essentials to build a competitive and sustainable brand by continuously finding Unique Value Propositions.
• Understand the 10 different differentiating strategies to develop and build a sustainable brand.
• Gain knowledge on current world-class branding benchmark practices.
• Develop a clear understanding on who is in charge of differentiation and how to achieve desired branding results.



• Business Owners
• Senior Management
• Managers



The Workshop will include:
• High Impact Short Lectures.
• Lively Activities and Exercises.
• Numerous Presentations and Discussions.
• Continuous Real Time Feedback from Facilitator



Workshop Investment – RM 4,800 per participant (NOT Inclusive of 6% GST)
** This training is PSMB claimable subject to PSMB approval



Day 1

Module 1: Differentiation in the New Economy

• The current market trends and the tyranny of choice today.

• Choose to Differentiate or Die: It’s that simple!.

• The 10 Key strategies in building adifferentiated brand

Module 2: Developing Your Unique Value Proposition

• Identifying and reinventing your unique selling proposition to your unique value proposition.

• Developing the Unique Value Proposition by Improving, Upgrading and Innovation.

• Developing the new differentiated tagline that showcase your Unique Value Proposition

Module 3: Identification of What is Not a Differentiation Factor

• Quality & Service is an expectation and not a differentiation factor.

• Price is hardly a differentiating factor.

• The largest, the most, the biggest, the tallest, the longest, the smallest is really a difficult way to differentiate.








Day 2

Module 4: Understanding the 4 Steps to Differentiate

• The Impact of Creativity vs the Power of Logic.

• The 4 Steps to Differentiate: Make Sense.

• Differentiating Idea, Have Credentials & Communicate Differences.

• The 3 Case Studies.

Module 5: Developing the 10 Differentiation Strategies

• Developing a First Movers Advantage.

• Developing an Attribute that you can own.

• Developing a Leadership position.

• Developing a Legendary story to connect emotionally.

• Developing a core and niche specialization.

• Developing a preferred clientele and market base.

• Developing a particular way to produce a product/service.

• Being the latest in the market with a buzz.

• Hotness & Coolness are 2 of the Best Differentiating strategies.

Module 6: Developing Your Brand Execution Plan

• Formulating a long term strategic branding plan supported by a clear mission and vision.

• Communication: The power of continuous and consistent brand messages: 5 key brand communication strategies.

• Developing & managing the key components of a successful integrated marketing communication.


Ernie Chen

Ernie serves as the Founder/Group CEO of ATCEN Education Group and the President of PORTMAN College. Ernie has a MA in Communication, BA in Mass Communication and BA in Theatre. He has more than 20 years of experience working with outsourcing, mass communication, people development, entertainment, education and training industries.

Ernie is an International Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur. He is better known as Asia’s No.1 Business Coach by his peers, colleagues, customers, partners, friends and students for his enthusiasm in building people, brands, businesses and one of the most powerful and dynamic speakers from Asia. Ernie is an expert, well-known persuasive communication, sales & service strategist and practitioner. He is also a world travelled speaker with a proven track at national and international conferences. In the last 10 years, he has inspired, motivated and trained thousands of people to reach personal and professional fulfillment and career transformation.

He is also renowned as a local Film Director and Producer for Box Office Film. In the area of branding and marketing, Ernie has worked with many MNCs and other 20 start-up companies with MSC status.

Certificate is awarded by Western Kentucky University (USA)

Certification awarded is dependent on the following;

Class Attendance: 100%

Assignment: Pre-Work – All participants are expected to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire prior to attending the programs

Post-Work Assignment – There will be an assignment that is related to the participant respective company that needs to be handed in 10 working days after the workshop. The Assignment must be completed for the WKU Certificate to be awarded.

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