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Industry Talk Thursdays (ITT) – Mr. Daniele Gambero

For last week’s Industry Talk Thursdays (ITT), the speaker was Mr. Daniele Gambero. The topic that he shared with us was “Greater KL and Klang Valley: Where, What and When to Make Big Bucks of Properties. The Propenomy explained”.

In the talk, Mr. Gambero had shared with us the following:
1. Perception & Reality
2. The Propenomy Model
3. Economic Growth & Competitiveness: Where are we?
4. Location, Location, Location?
5. Understanding the Impact of Transformation on Property
6. Transformation Applied to Greater KL and Klang Valley
7. Timing: Entry Time & Exit Strategy
8. Demand: Understanding Demographic Data & Wealth Distribution

If we want to invest in property, we must not only look at the location, however we should focus on the transformation of the country, timing, and the demand. “In real estate, don’t wait to buy, but buy and wait!”

Thank you Mr. Daniele Gambero for being the ITT speaker of this week! I believe our students had learned a lot from your sharing. Once again, thank you Mr. Gambero and your presence is highly appreciated.

March 14, 2018

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