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Industry Talk Thursdays – Ms. Jocelyn(MC Jo)

For last week’s Industry Talk Thursdays (ITT), we invited MC Jocelyn to give us an inspiring talk on “Passion – Profession – Addiction”.

In her speech, she shared with us on how to become a professional Emcee. First, you need to have these self-assessments such as the ability to speak more than one language, confidence, and endurance. Other than that, people with “D” dominant and “I” influence personalities are born to be on stage. Besides that, being an emcee you need to have enthusiasm. For example, positive energy and stage appearance such as body gesture, vocal variety and et cetera. Lastly, you must have these attributes; smart and sensitive, think and react faster than others, be flexible and calm in unforeseen circumstances.

A million thanks to MC Jocelyn for being the ITT speaker of the week! You nailed it! We believe that our students are inspired by your energetic and constructive speech.

September 12, 2018

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