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Industry Talk Thursdays(ITT) – Mr. Max Teh

For last week’s Industry Talk Thursdays (ITT), we invited Mr. Max Teh to share with us an inspiring topic on “How to become a successful investor in stock market”.

In his speech, he shared with us on why we must invest. Furthermore, he also did share to us about how to become successful in the stock market. For example, you must have common sense about stock marketing, discipline and patience, and some money to start with. The conclusion is not to invest if you have a very little amount of money. When you show that you can manage the little amount of money you have today, more money will come to you in the future.

Thanks a million to Mr. Max Teh for being the ITT speaker of the week! You nailed it! We believe that our students are inspired by your energetic and constructive speech.

September 4, 2018

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