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PORTMAN Short Course

English Intensive Programme


Course Description

Course Structure
1.English Writing Skills
2.Business Writing Skills
3.Business Communication
4.Presentation Skills
5.English Vocabulary & Phonetic


Course Duration & Fee
• 2 months, from Dec 2017 – January 2018
• 20 hours per week, Monday to Friday
• RM 900


1.English Writing Skills
• Grammar & Writing Styles
• Rhetorical Triangle


Students are able to write:
• Correct sentences
• Credible, appealing and logical assignment


2.Business Writing Skills
• Business Email, Formal letter
• Business English
• Active & Passive Voice


Students are able to write:
• Professional business correspondence


3.Business Communication
• Meeting agenda, minutes, quorums
• Critical Thinking & Listening skills


Students are able to:
• Write professional business correspondence
• Communicate with analytical and problem-solving emphasis


4.Presentation Skills
• Research of topic information
• Elements of delivery techniques
• Visual aids and audience engagements
• Conquering stage anxiety


Students are able to:
• Perform informative, appealing and confident presentation


5.English Vocabulary & Phonetics
• Techniques of learning new vocabulary
• Phonetic chart
• Production of speech sound
Students are able to:
• Select precise and accurate vocabulary to deliver message
• Read the phonetics and pronounce correctly with self-help


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