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Master of Business Administration (MQA/A9102)


Course Description

(General or Entrepreneurship)


The PORTMAN-AeU MBA was developed to challenge the MBA student on the complexity of managing businesses in a competitive environment. This focused, yet diversified curriculum creates to enhance the strategic, creative and problem-solving skills of both managers and executives to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive business world where innovative value, speed of execution, precision in action and clarity of communication is essential for the success of any business.


Any MBA program should bestow three distinct types of human capital upon their graduates scholastic capital (the amount of knowledge acquired), social capital (personal contacts, network ties) and cultural capital (the symbols of prestige). This MBA aims to develop all of the above by emphasising on a more global perspective, leadership skill development, integration skills, responding to the role of management, responsibility and purpose of business, need for creative and innovation, critical thinking and communicating clear and lastly the need to understand the limitations of business models to the marketplace.


We will give you an insight into real business environments and challenges. You will get to learn from the best in the industry. Together with our corporate education & training division ATCEN Sdn Bhd we aim to give you insights into the business environment of Banking & Financial Services, Telecommunication, Government-Linked Companies, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Retail, Property Developers, Automobile and others.


Today, the MBA has become a necessity for promotion to Senior Management Positions in companies. After completion of this MBA you will have better business knowledge and leadership skills. Your business associates and network will be greater leading to more career and financial growth.
What’s more, your specialisation will give you the added advantage when it comes to jobs in Marketing and E-commerce or Accounting and Finance thereby giving you the opportunities to work in many different industries like banks, insurance, stock exchange, consumer goods, advertising, media industry and other industries.


The PORTMAN-AeU MBA is MQA Accredited (JPT/BPP (A9102) 04/18). It is recognised by local private universities and international universities, for Doctorate studies.


Regular Entry
Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in the relevant field
Bachelor’s Degree in other fields recognised by the AeU Senate
Open Entry
Qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia:
•Be at least 35 years old
•Possess STPM/Matriculation/Diploma/’A’ Level or its equivalent.
•Provide evidence of prior learning experience and/or knowledge relevant to programme applied for.
•Other qualifications recognised by the AeU Senate.


•Exposed to the latest development in the business world
•Driven to integrate skills and think strategically when making business decisions
•Challenged by industry assignments that open their eyes to the complexities of the real business world
•Stimulated to looking for business opportunities to explore and experiment that shape opinions and personal derive
•Engaged in incubation of new enterprises that merge different skills to create new business ideas and opportunities
•Encouraged to communicate with a wide range of people


PORTMAN College is part of the ATCEN Education Group which consist of ATCEN Sdn Bhd, a well establish corporate training provider, outLOUD Studios Sdn Bhd, a full multi-media production line and ATCEN iTechsparksSdnBhd, an education web & mobile apps development specialist. Together the Group distinguished itself by delivering an education that focused on applied knowledge that is a notch above in quality.
PORTMAN’s insistence on preparing its graduates for the global marketplace with its emphasis on an education that is highly practical, have proven to provide an added edge for our students.


PORTMAN Leadership Development Program is a value added initiative into university level education as a result of the trend shifting towards competency based human capital development.
This provides market-centred curricula that prepare students for life “in the real business world”, as well as producing globally competitive graduates that are able to compete at an international level.
Soft Skills Mastery: Students are inculcated with effective Interpersonal Communication & Presentation Skills, Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving Skills.
Leadership Development: Leadership and Management Development programs
At PORTMAN, we believe these additional skills Mastery and experiences will provide sustainable long-term competitive edge with the ultimate goal of developing Leaders ready to overcome market challenges.

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This is a map of where a  PORTMAN College education  can take you, what career options are available to you upon under-taking our courses, and what climbing the ladder to getting that PhD in Business would look like.


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