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Diploma in Mass Communication N/321/4/0237(08/22)(MQA/FA 8903)

• You will gain backstage access and interview celebrities and newsmakers for publication.
• You will have direct insights into the dynamics & explore the various facets of the media & communications world.
• You will gain real-world exposure through projects, internships or a stint at our very own student media & communication agency.
• You will have access to State-of-the-art facilities including TV and radio studios, and editing suites.

Diploma in Film, TV & Video Production R/213/4/0313(05/23)(MQA/FA 3365)

• Our staff and faculty have won numerous awards and accolades at top international and local film festivals.
• Work with top-notch equipment and facilities including a High Definition (HD)-ready studio, digital cinema and film cameras, surround sound mixing and multi-track recording studios.

Career Pathways

This is a map of where a  PORTMAN College education  can take you, what career options are available to you upon under-taking our courses, and what climbing the ladder to getting that PhD in Business would look like.

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