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PORTMAN Happiness 

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Thank you PORTMAN Education Group.
I really learned during my College life time. I managed to get an interview within a day after I submitted my resume. After I've done the interview, they like me a lot and they mentioned I have a lot of skills and experiences gained from the college. The interviewer also noticed my leadership skill, and willing to promote me as team lead to the guide the future team!

Beyond Education!

May Koh


The room ENERGY in PORTMAN College was ridiculously CRAZY! It was level 10 Loudness!!! Am blessed to receive the ENERGY from the 18 to 21 years old students in that room. Another way of iD King to shower the blessings of property knowledge to the young ones!

Together We are MASSIVE!
Thank you ALL for the Love and Support PORTMANians!!!

Adrian Wee  

Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

Today is a very special day for me! Because I have bought my first property at the age of 17! A big thanks to my President of PORTMAN College Malaysia, Mr.Ernie Chen and the seniors from Millionaire Business School, Richard Portman, JL Lai and Gym Chan for giving me some advices and knowledege on how to purchase a good property. All 5 of us bought a property today! All are young investors!
Last but not least, I'm also proud to have such lovely parents who always support me. I will keep on learning to become more successful and I won't disappoint those who look up to me.

Jaden Kee





News & Happenings about PORTMAN


• PORTMAN College is a registered and approved Higher Education Institution with the Ministry of Higher Education.

• PORTMAN College is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency with the Malaysian Qualification Framework for international quality assurance standards.

• PORTMAN College is a registered and approved Skills Training Provider with the Ministry of Human Resources.

• PORTMAN College is the 1st college to provide a systematic and structured financial & professional skills education.

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