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Equip yourself with skills in front office and back-end operations of the hospitality sector
Attend off-campus lessons conducted by industry professionals
Learn to manage events in hotel and leisure establishment environments
Learn to ‘transform’ the indoor environment of hotels and shopping malls with green building design and building automation


Behind every world-famous five-star hotel or glamorous luxury shopping mall is a team of trained professionals delivering the perfect brand experience to guests. Imagine managing the operations of grand integrated resorts like Mandarin Oriental/ Golden Palm or Legoland. It is a massive and complex task that requires deep-set knowledge in wide-ranging areas from managing the front office and food and beverage outlets, to the back-of-the-house operations like security and housekeeping. Above all, it requires an understanding of the consumer psyche, the experience to know what needs to be done to deliver good customer service, and the skills to do it.

Learn to operate and manage eco-friendly buildings that use green building technologies like solar energy, rainwater harvesting and minimising of waste generation. This knowledge will enable you to add value to the business. From maintaining the building’s glossy façade to upholding top-notch service standards, no detail is too small in the book of an excellent hotel or facilities manager. If you enjoy working in the hotel and leisure industry, this diploma is your ticket to a dream career.


Many luxurious hotels and mega-sized leisure facilities are being built in Malaysia and you can look forward to working in these prestigious facilities. You can work as a Facility Manager, Project Manager, Environmental Consultant, Property and Workplace Planner, or Business Development Executive. With your training in both front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations, you will have an added advantage in gaining employment.


Various overseas universities in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States also offer advanced standing to our graduates when they apply for related degree courses.


3 Credits in SPM/ GCE ‘O’ Level examination (or equivalent) in any subject.

PORTMAN College is the tertiary educational development division for the ATCEN Education Group. Established since 2003 , PORTMAN College is well recognized as Malaysia’s reputed business school specialist with a strategic focus mission to educate and produce highly competent business leaders to make a difference in the world.


• exposed to exciting business events that build business skills.
• challenged by industry projects that open their eyes to the complexities of the real world.
• stimulated with opportunities to explore and experiment that build confidence and shape opinions.
• engaged in incubation of new enterprises that merge different skills to create new business brands.
• involved in community work that adds value and meaning to their lives.


PORTMAN distinguished itself by delivering an education that is a notch above in quality. Industry-relevant curricula are widely adapted across all courses with close partnership with the corporate industries. PORTMAN’s insistence on preparing its graduates for the global marketplace with its emphasis on an education that is highly practical, have proven to provide an added edge to the students. This is evident in its graduate qualities where PORTMAN’s graduates are highly employable, with many securing jobs even before their graduation.

PORTMAN High Flyers programme is an initiative to add real value into university level education as a result of the trend shifting towards competency based human capital development. This provides market-centred curricula that prepare students for life “in the real business world”, as well as producing globally competitive graduates that are able to compete at an international level.


Soft Skills Mastery: Students are inculcated with effective Interpersonal Communication & Presentation Skills, Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving Skills.

Professional Skills Mastery: Students are developed in Grooming, Business Ettiquette & Interveiwing Skills.

Apprenticeship:Students gain real life working experience much earlier due to PORTMAN’s encouragement of real business world settings since day one.
At PORTMAN, we believe these additional skills Mastery and experiences will provide sustainable long-term competitive edge with the ultimate goal of developing HIGH FLYERS for the market!

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