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Master of Business Administration (MQA/A9102)

(General or Entrepreneurship)


The PORTMAN-AeU MBA was developed to challenge the MBA student on the complexity of managing businesses in a competitive environment. This focused, yet diversified curriculum creates to enhance the strategic, creative and problem-solving skills of both managers and executives to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive business world where innovative value, speed of execution, precision in action and clarity of communication is essential for the success of any business.

Bachelor of Business Administration(MQA/A9101)


The PORTMAN-AeU Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is designed to provide working adults with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to excel as managers and executives in the challenging world of business administration and management. . This blended (online and classroom) degree program allows for you to have flexibility of studies whilst working. This allows to fulfil your work and personal commitment.

Diploma in Business Management (MQA/FA2980)

•   Gain hands-on experience by starting a business or marketing real products via our flagship programmes
•   Enjoy local and overseas internship opportunities with industry partners like ATCEN, outLOUD Studios & more

Diploma in Sales and Marketing (MQA/PA3004)

•   Look around you, information today is delivered in more ways than we imagined a decade ago. Have you ever wonder if you could turn off your smartphones or computer tablets, now that they have become part of your daily routine for information gathering, entertainment and communication? If you did, will you be lost? Read more

Diploma in International Business (MQA/PA8902)

• You will gain international business & trade exposure.
• You will have direct insights into the dynamics & explore the various facets of international business operations.
• Enjoy international internship opportunities with industry partners from all over Asia.

Certificate in Business Studies (MQA/FA2965)

The curriculum is broad-based with a balance of foundation and multidisciplinary modules to foster creative thinking, develop life skills, and enhance communication and business skills. Generally, the first semester allows students to gain a broad perspective of the course while the final semester focuses on specialized and practical training to pr… Read more

London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)

LCCI qualifications are available now at PORTMAN College.
This is a map of where a  PORTMAN College education  can take you, what career options are available to you upon under-taking our courses, and what climbing the ladder to getting that PhD in Business would look like.

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