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(+60) 19 459 2686  (PORTMAN @ Mines 2 Campus)

PFM is the official student-run radio station of PORTMAN College that serves up a mix of radio hits alongside shows and music produced by current students in both English & Chinese that are available both on campus & online. The station has a full schedule of programming and partners with other clubs & associations to make sure students voices (and their favorite tunes) are heard.

PFM broadcasts live on every Friday & pre-recorded shows with a mix of music, entertaining shows and other student-driven programs. PFM DJs can also be seen around the school spinning music for campus events.

Meet The PFM DJs

PFM On Air

Discover new things to love

PFM DJs were interviewing the Executive Chairman of Top Glove Corporation Bhd
who is known as the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Gloves.
Students were sharing about their
campus life and interesting news
on PFM Radio Station.
Students were learning how to become
a real DJ in PFM Radio Station.
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