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Diploma in Business Management R/340/4/0249(05/23)(MQA/FA 2980)

•   Gain hands-on experience by starting a business or marketing real products via our flagship programmes.
•   Enjoy local and overseas internship opportunities with industry partners such as Top Glove & more.

Certificate in Business Studies R/345/3/0351(05/23)(MQA/FA 2965)

The curriculum is broad-based with a balance of foundation and multidisciplinary modules to foster creative thinking, develop life skills, and enhance communication and business skills. Generally, the first semester allows students to gain a broad perspective of the course while the final semester focuses on specialized and practical training to pr… Read more

LCCI in Accounting N/344/3/0505(04/23)(MQA/PA 10068)

LCCI in Accounting is one of the best recognised and most highly regarded business-related qualifications worldwide. In today’s demanding commercial environment, accountancy holds a vital role in almost any industry as their expertise is required in all business management. The curriculum is up-to-date and complied with the latest accounting standard to provide marketable skills and competencies for learners.
This is a map of where a  PORTMAN College education will take you, what career options are available to you upon under-taking our courses, and what climbing the ladder to getting that PhD in Business would look like.

Business Owners Networking Session


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