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Industry Talk Thursday (ITT) – 7th September 2017

For this week’s Industry Talk Thursdays(ITT), the speaker was En. Azlin Latiff. The topic that he shared with us was “The Evolution of Service Culture ( from foundation to memorable) – how does this affect our lifestyle -professional & personal”.

He gave us additional insights in Service Culture and how does it affect our lifestyle. Firstly, put your own strengths and experiences in your resume. Nowadays, employers take the resume very seriously, every strength, weakness, and experiences are considered. You can put every single experience and strength into the resume to make it look better and to promote you.

Secondly, he shared with us about the service culture itself. Service is providing a comfortable place for customers based on their needs. For example, the culture of Starbucks is “We are not selling coffee, we are providing the third-place from home” which attracts many customers to experience their service and even buy their product.

Lastly, he also suggested a book that may help us to face challenges from the working environment and even in our life’s. The name of the book is “The Art of War” by Tsun Tzu. He strongly recommended the book and he also mentioned that the book is extremely helpful in the business environment which will help us survive and succeed in our business.

Thank you En. Azlin Latiff for being the speaker of ITT for this week! I believe our students have learned a lot from your speech. Once again, thank you En. Azlin Latiff and your presence is highly appreciated.

September 8, 2017

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