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Industry Talk Thursdays (ITT) – 22nd Jun 2017

For this week’s Industry Talk Thursdays(ITT), the speaker was Ms. Tan Shu-Tze. The topic that he shared with us was “How to Stay Relevant in the world of Rapid Changing Work”.

Ms. Tan shared tips for us to stay relevant in the future. First, we need to have a mentor. With a mentor, we can learn whatever we can from him. We can ‘be, do, have’ concept into this point. Besides, we need to have a firm vision and goals so that we can stick to it and achieve whatever we want to achieve. Last but not least, we must take care of our attitude and daily habits toward ourself. This is because consistent small action can produce a predictable result.

Thank you Ms. Tan for being the speaker of ITT for this week! I believe our students learnt a lot from your speech. Once again, thank you so much Ms. Tan and your presence is highly appreciated.


June 22, 2017

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