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Industry Talk Thursdays(ITT) – 21st September 2017

For this week’s Industry Talk Thursdays(ITT), the speaker was Ms. Teresa Dian Chew. The topic that she shared with us was “Creating a Professional Image for a Successful Career”.

Our image is everything that we do, and it is beyond dressing. Besides, the first impression is very important for a job interview session. In the talk, Ms. Teresa had shared on how create a professional image, which is A (Appearance), B (Behaviour), and C (Communication). Appearance is about our outlook, dressing, and hygiene. As for behavior, we must not be late whenever we are going to attend a job interview, we should always arrive 15 minutes earlier. Furthermore, we have to always be well-prepared for the interview session and be confident. For communication, it is not only about what we are speaking, it also includes our posture, body language, and facial impression.

A positive first impression is the first crucial step in creating a professional image.

Thank you Ms. Teresa Dian Chew for being the ITT speaker of this week! I believe our students had a lot of fun and learned a lot from your speech. Once again, thank you Ms. Teresa and your presence is highly appreciated.

September 21, 2017

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