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PORTMAN Media Group Audition

Thank you to all the participants for taking the time to attend the audition which was organized by PORTMAN Media Group yesterday. The audition was separated into 4 different divisions. POPS newsgazine had their audition session with the participants at The Stage. D Agency did their interview session at Paramount. PFM let the participants gain hands-on experience to be on air as a DJ at Sony room. Lastly, Online TV Channels selected the successful participants at Universal Studios room. Different divisions have their own functions in the club. We hope all the participants have gained more knowledge about the club. We also appreciate your feedback for the club.

PORTMAN Media Group is a committed team members that allow students to learn about how the real media world functions. As the team grows, students may develop themselves to tell stories through broadcasting, photos and videos.

Get closer to us, get closer to the world!

For those who did not get selected, don’t give up and try again next time! Opportunities always come to the people who are prepared!

May 18, 2018

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