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Industry Talk Thursdays(ITT) – Mr. Ryan Lim

For last week’s Industry Talk Thursdays (ITT), we invited Mr. Ryan Lim to share with us an inspiring topic on “The Road to Becoming ‘World Champion’ in Business and Taekwondo”.

In his speech, he shared with us the 5 elements that we need to have in our lives for us to stay focused and achieve our life goals.

The 5 elements are:-
1. Goals – Set your own goals for your life.
2. Hard work – Do all out to achieve your goals and make your hard work pay off.
3. Improve – Keep on improving and getting closer to your goals.
4. Never give up – When facing problems, never quit ad never give up until you succeed.
5. Believe – We need to believe what we can do and be brave to dream BIG!

“Never feel bad on your dream, achieve it and you will be proud of your results,” said Mr. Ryan Lim.

Thanks a million to Mr. Ryan Lim for being the ITT speaker of the week! You nailed it! We believe that our students are inspired by your energetic and constructive speech.

October 22, 2018

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